Ashleigh Morris, The Teenage Girl Who is Allergic to Water

Ashleigh Morris, a teenage girl from Melbourne, Australia is allergic to water of any temperature that even her own sweat gives her painful rashes. Now 19-year-old, her condition, a skin disorder known as Aquagenic Urticaria, began when she was 14 after taking high dose of penicillin to treat her tonsillitis.

She suffers from an extremely rare skin disorder called Aquagenic Urticaria – so unusual that only a handful of cases are documented worldwide. When Ashleigh gets wet her body explodes in sore, itchy red lumps that take about two hours to ease. She has to wash. But showering is a painful experience and she can only do it for a minute at a time.


34 thoughts on “Ashleigh Morris, The Teenage Girl Who is Allergic to Water

  1. Jason K.

    >You wouldn’t actually have to peruse the net for very long to find heaps of articles about this very condition . . . written by people who actually know a little something about dermatology. Check it out sometime. You might learn something.

  2. Anonymous

    >Wicked Witch? what? shes damn hot, shit though you’d only be able to go at it for a minute cause as soon as you started to sweat…. damn and why is she still living in australia? isn’t it hellahot there

  3. Anonymous

    >This is nor bullshit nor bull crap… It’s a real condition. Only her skin reacts strangely to water. I don’t think the girl in the picture is really allergic though, because her skin would have been severely damaged, and you would see more scars. But believe it or not, send money or not, it’s real.. This kind of shit actually happens to people.

  4. Leah

    >bullshit… If your skin was allergic to water, then it would dry up and crack and all that shit. Your skin has water in it… This is a bullshit story… Can we say Gullible?

  5. Samuel

    >For all of you dicks that said it was impossible to be allergic to water, SHUT THE FUCK UP. You know nothing. I am almost sixteen, and have suffered from this for a number of years. This is also not extremely rare as the article points out – about one in fifteen people suffer. Just be glad it's not you. Every time i have a shower, it rains, someone throws water over me, or i go swimming, after about a minute after contact I'm full of red blotches all over my chest and after seeing my doctor, we found i actually aquagenic urticaria, or an allergy to water. So before you start acting like you know it all, actually check it out. There's a word for people like you, who act like this. I think it's FAIL.

  6. Anonymous

    >I'd like to get her in an inch of bathwater and try to drown her. Red splotches, oh my! It must be horrible to have to go through life as an albino and be allergic to H2O!

  7. Anonymous

    >She's a liar. This condition exists but this girl does not have it. Ive known her since she was 12 and ive seen her swimming in a pool, at the beach and after shes gotten out of the shower and she never broke out in any rash or complained of pain. When this story aired on tv all my friends were shocked because ash had never mentioned this disease before. Shes an attention seeker.

  8. Anonymous

    >She is not an attention seeker. "Ashleigh is allergic to water of any temperature, a condition she's lived with since she was 14."; "She developed the condition five years ago after an acute case of tonsillitis. She was prescribed a heavy dose of penicillin that rid her of the tonsillitis but left her with another problem." – Daily mail site

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