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Hercules, World’s Largest Lion-Tiger Breed at 900 Lbs

Hercules is the world’s largest Lion-Tiger breed or Liger at 900 lbs and still growing. He can stands 10 feet tall when standing on his back legs.

He looks like something from a prehistoric age or a fantastic creation from Hollywood . But Hercules is very much living flesh and blood – as he proves every time he opens his gigantic mouth to roar. Called a liger, in reference to his crossbreed parentage, he is the largest of all the cat species. On a typical day he will devour 20lb of meat, usually beef or chicken, and is capable of eating 100lb at a single setting. At just three years old, Hercules already weighs half a ton.

Video of Hercules


300 Pound Tumour, World’s Biggest Tumor Removed from a Human Body

A 300 pound tumor from an unnamed 34-year-old woman’s abdomen was removed via a 6 hour surgery in Stanford Hospital, Palo Alto, California on October 1991. It was the world’s biggest tumor removed from a human body.

300 Pound Tumour, World's Biggest Tumor Removed from a Human Body

300 Pound tumour temoved from a 34-year old woman.

During operation, the woman had to lay on her back because if she lay flat the tumor would crush her abdomen. Doctor had to remove it in one piece because of it being complex. Six hours later, the tumor was successfully remove and later found out that it was benign.

The tumor was a multicystic mass on the right ovary of the woman. The operation was performed by Professor Katherine O’Hanlan of Stanford University Medical Center in California, USA. The tumor had a diameter of 1 meter (3 ft). The patient – who weighed 95 kg (210 lb) after the operation and has made a full recovery – left the operating room on one stretcher and the tumor on another.


11 Year Old Boy, Bites Pit Bull to Fend off Attack

Now this one’s pretty much a tough 11 year old Brazilian boy. He fend off a attack from a bull dog who bit his left arm by biting back it’s neck.

Almeida grabbed the dog by the neck and bit back — biting so hard that he lost a canine tooth.

Almeida tells the O Globo newspaper: “It is better to lose a tooth than one’s life.”

Stonemasons working nearby chased the dog away before it could attack again.