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Hercules, World’s Biggest Dog at 282 Pounds

Hercules, is the world’s biggest dog ever according to Guinness World Records, weighing 282 pounds with a 38 inch neck. In this picture, this massive pet is almost as big as his owner’s horse. This makes the daily task of walking the dog like walking the donkey.

The name Hercules has always been synonymous with big. Earlier this year, we posted Hercules, the world’s largest Lion-Tiger breed.

Hercules, World's Biggest DogWith “paws the size of softballs” (reports the Boston Herald), the three-year-old monster is far larger and heavier than his breed’s standard 200lb. limit. Hercules owner Mr. Flynn says that Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: “I fed him normal food and he just grew”…. and grew. and grew. and grew.


Parasitic Twins of the Past

In the early 21th century, the world was shocked by parasitic twins we heard from the news. Like the Chinese girl, Sanju Bhagat and recently Lakshmi. The 19th and 20th centuries had it’s shares also. Here are some of them.

parasitic twin Myrtlye CorbinMyrtlye Corbin, born in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1868.

parasitic twin  Jean Libbera, born in 1884 in Rome, Italy.

parasitic twin Francesco A. LentiniFrancesco A. Lentini, born in 1889 in Siracusa, Sicily.

parasitic twin Ernie DefortErnie Defort, born in Manitoba, Canada on July 7, 1931.

parasitic twin Betty Lou WilliamsBetty Lou Williams, born on January 10, 1932 in Albany, Georgia.


Wooden Cars, Anyone?

If you ever tired of the comfort of your car from the car manufacturing giants, why not make your own, out of wood. Here’s some of the bravest who took the challenge.

And the winner is…


Dede, "The Tree Man", His Tree-like Warts Growing Again

Dede, aka “The Tree Man” who had some of his tree-like warts removed in a surgery this year, said those tree-like warts are growing again.

After under going surgery early this year, Dede were able to eat, use cellphone and go fishing on his own. But now as the warts are growing again, he needs some assistance again.

As his tree-like growths are growing, doctors said that he needs at least two operation a year for him to use his hands.

Seen here is Dede after his operation early this year.

Dede, The Tree Man after the surgery

“Those (warts) that were removed are growing again and started to reappear after I returned home,” he said, adding that for a time he could go fishing and use a cell phone but now needed assistance again for such activity.

“We have told him that his disease could not be 100 per cent cured. In the previous operation, we only tried to increase his quality of life,” said Rachmat Dinata, one of a team of doctors treating him at the Hasan Sadikin hospital in Bandung, a city near his village.


Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat, World’s Smallest Mammal

The Kitti’s Hog-nosed bat is considered as the world’s smallest mammal as of today. It’s length is about 29–33 millimetres and weight approximately 2 grams. It is also know as the the bumblebee bat due to it’s size. This bat specie is a native of western Thailand and southeast Burma. They live in limestone caves along the rivers.

Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat is the smallest species of bat and one of the world’s smallest mammals. It has a reddish-brown or grey coat, with a distinctive pig-like snout. Colonies range greatly in size, with an average of 100 individuals per cave. The bat feeds during short activity periods in the evening and dawn, foraging around nearby forest areas for insects. Females give birth annually to a single offspring.


The Quay House, Smallest House in Great Britain at 3.05 x 1.8 Meters

At 3.05 x 1.8, the Quay House is the smallest house in Great Britain. It is found on the Quay, hence the name, in Conwy, Wales and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records of it’s small dimensions.

The Quay House, Smallest House in Great Britain at 3.05 x 1.8 Meters
It has been lived in since the Sixteenth Century. It was even inhabited by a family at one point. It was lived in until 1900, when the owner was a 6ft 3 inch fisherman named Robert Jones. The rooms were too small for him to stand up in fully and he was eventually forced to move out when the council declared the house unfit for human habitation. The house is still owned by his descendants.


Sarah Pender, Most Wanted Woman in America

It’s hard to believe that this 29-year-old, innocent-looking woman named Sarah Pender is the most wanted woman in America right now. She is serving a 110-year sentence before she escaped in August from the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana. Pender was convicted in 2002 on two counts of murder of her two roommates.

While serving her sentence, prison authorities believe Pender befriended a correctional officer, who allegedly helped her escape. Prison security footage on the day she escaped shows Pender walking toward a prison exit at the same time the guard drove into the facility to get gasoline. Authorities believe the guard hid her in the vehicle and drove her off the prison grounds where she met up with her get-away driver.

“Sarah Pender is a dangerous fugitive and poses a threat to anyone she comes in contact with,” said Director John F. Clark of the United States Marshals Service. “Pender’s addition as a 15 Most Wanted fugitive underscores our commitment to use all of our available resources to bring her to justice.”