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Lucky Diamond Rich, World’s Most Tattooed Person

Born in New Zealand, Lucky Diamond Rich is currently the world’s most tattooed person. His tattoos covers 100% of his body, including the inside of his foreskin, mouth and ears. He holds this Guinness world record, which was previously held by Tom Leppard, since 2006.

Lucky spent over 1,000 hours having his body modified by hundreds of tattoo artists. He started by having a full collection of colorful designs from around the world tattooed over his entire body. Still not contented, he soon opted for a 100% covering of black ink, including eyelids, the delicate skin between the toes, down into the ears, and his gums. He is currently being tattooed with white designs on top of the black, and colored designs on top of the white.

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Gibraltar Airport, World’s Closest Airport to the City

The Gibraltar Airport is the world’s the closest airport to the city that it serves. Constructed during World War II for the British Naval, the airport is only 500 meters from Gibraltar’s city center. It’s runway intersects with a major city highway and when a plane has to take off or land, traffic is shut down to gave way.

Gibraltar Airport, World's Closest Airport to the City
Gibraltar Airport, World's Closest Airport to the City


Florida’s 32 Stories Highrise Condo, One Tenant

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, this 32 stories highrise condo has only one tenant. This is just one example of how bad economy in the US took a toll in the housing industry.

Victor Vangelakos and his family bought one unit here four years ago when the US economy was still solid as steel. Now, they have the whole building to their own as most of the other tenants in the 200-unit condo didn’t close on their contracts and others have transferred to an adjacent building owned by the same company because more people live there.

“It’s a beautiful building,” said their attorney, John Ewing, who is representing 27 others who made deposits on units. “The problem is, it’s a very lonely building.”

When the Vangelakos’ travel from Weehawken, N.J., to spend a week or a few days in their Florida home, they have exclusive use of the pool, game room and gym, but they miss having a few tenants around.

“Being from the city, it’s very eerie,” Vangelakos said. “It’s almost like a scary movie.”