Rafael Nadal Caught on Camera Grimacing with Pain During Interview

During in a post game interview, Rafael Nadal caught on camera grimacing with pain. Turned out it was just a minor leg cramp and was aided with an ice pack. Nadal just came from a straight set win over David Nalbandian before heading to the interview.

Rafael Nadal caught on camera grimacing with pain

Rafael Nadal caught on camera grimacing with pain.

The room had to be cleared of the press and after 10 minutes, the reporters were allowed back in. See the video below.

6 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Caught on Camera Grimacing with Pain During Interview

  1. Anabel Patterson

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    1. Abrar

      Rafael’s cool, but I don’t like the video on any other level than his involvement. I don’t like the fliirekcng lights, the clothes he starts off in, the clothes he finishes up in, I don’t see the point of the storyline and the concept of taking off your kit while running through a carpark just doesn’t flow.Apart from that it’s fine.

  2. Pedro

    Hee hee – Novak is growing in me, And I know Roger can’t keep going forveer, but i would like to see his go out a winner, And I still long for the days of Andre, Boris, Johnny Mac, Sampras… but i will just have to find someone new to root for, just like I have to do with NASCAR, lol! I do admit after seeing the final set, I mean he just made Rafael look like he had no life, certainly not like he normally plays. Was he hurt, or has Djoker stopped joking around and elevated his game to an amazing level. 3/4 majors, 64-2 for the year, is just incredible. I will always root for Roger, but Novak, I’m starting to really like him, especially how he downplayed the match, that it was a game, and fun, but the real focus this weekend should be on the anniversary of 9/11 (and he wore a NY FD Hat). His trophy acceptance speech, I’ll have to find it, I’m sure it is transcribed somewhere, but it was definitely classy.

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